Any interest in TORS removal how-to?

yes please...I was gonna guess and check but i bent my a-arms when i crashed into a tree so I'm preoccupied
Hmm......what i did was i unplugged my TORS right there where the wires come out of the TORS like 5-6 inches then connects into another i unplugged that made sure it was still gonna run an it did so on i went with eliminating the wires, i have 7 wires in all on my bike.
I read alot about people having ideling that true or do they just screw it up somehow?
Well the TORS system it's self is sh*tty. It's good for a few years then it starts to get gumed up an that an the throttle tends to hang. I think it was a sh*tty design i mean come on it's supposed to kill the motor if the throttle hangs? i don't get how the sh*t works cuz how can it tell if the throttle is hung at half throttle or your just holding it at half throttle while riding.
ya if tors worked I wouldn't of crashed into a tree lol my throttle got stuck at full throttle it is twist
i checked the diy and now i know whats tors look like since its already removed from my blaster