A few pics for you guys..



Now Im posting in this forum because it seems like its the only one that really gets action.. I got my Kenda Klaws in the mail yesterday so i got them mounted and put em on.. and took some pics for you guys..Check em out..

My 1997 Blaster..I recently deleted the headlight, But I also just purchased an 06 front headlight, Im just working on getting an 03-06 front flastic peice..

G-fore racing axle +4 \Kenda Klaw MX tires and GTS hydro rear brake..

Heres a few of my Hydo front brake swap..


And last but not least.. heres a close up of the 400ex rear shock, and GTS rear caliper and the sh*ty plastic brake lines..

Well at least its not your frame. I bent my frame where the grab bar hooks on on the right side. Had to weld it to keep it from braking off, lol
No. It was from falling off a 15 foot drop off that wasn't there the day before. I went end for end and fell from the air on top off me with all the weight on the grab bar and bent it on my leg.
dude you have a pretty clean bike, but your rear break lines kinda suck, you need to get stainless steel braided lines!