A-ARM help

Your method would have worked awk because you've already got your ride height set in a range it won't bottom but to do it straight off measurements you would have to have both.

A few notes about teflon... while it does not require grease, it also isn't exactly solid either. Teflon "cold flows" at room temperature and is soft enough to impregnate particles.
well, were calling it teflon, but my guess is it's prolly sumthin more like the "argus" bushings used by "works" or a delron dirivitive, and feel confident they've done there homework on these ???
and thanx for the "OK" on what i had planned
It's probably teflon considering that's the only thing between two pieces of stainless steel and teflon works great for slick surfaces between things that would otherwise destroy themselves.

Well, I think if you didn't lower the ride height any and tried to simply move the mount outwards you would have found that the ears would be too tall or too short and you would have had to change them but if you "set" your ride height by putting your quad on a jack, you wouldn't have need math beyond the measurement you already had in your hand to figure out how high the mounts needed to be. It would have worked, not to say it would have been as simply as cutting them and moving them out an inch or so and rewelding them right back in place.
I got a tubing bender.

It's maximum capacity is 3/4" but that's just fine because I'm only bending the 3/4" anyway.

It's this old hand-me-down my dad had in his garage. It's a tiny little thing but apparently can bend really well, The only markings on it are "Gould Imperial". It's in a little blue toolbox with a bunch of tubing dies and a handle. I have to figure out how to set it up and see how it works.

Here's a picture of it I think:

imperial eastman tubing tools 600-F worm gear tube bender 600f


I did one of the shock ears on each arm tonight. I cut a matching pair so I went ahead and welded them on while I was out there. Tomorrow I'll cut the other matching pair and weld them on so more pictures tomorrow. These ears are the ones in the middle of the crosstube, the other ones will be sitting on the rear downtube and angled. It'll look a little strange because the two ears won't be the same shape but the design will be strong as HECK.
Thank you.

The fab work isn't too bad, the math is the hard part. I have a clipboard filled with papers full of notes and calculations (most of those got put into the posts with the measurements in them).