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Jul 28, 2007
ElkCo, PA
WE NEED DARKER COLORS!! LOL we need to make this place look like built for speed or something......(that is, if it is possible) i did have a forum...but i kinda forgot what it was :p
so yah, if possible, can we go darker colors..or speed oriented colors?
yea like in the blue headers have like Carbonfiber look alike and make the background like dark blue or sumpthin. The links could be white w/out a black outline. my personal thoughts since I got to this site. Thank you stryder917 for starting this thread
i liked the idea of having Black backround, with Blood Red headers, and white, or neon blue links and white lettering
I'm still lking the carbonfiber look alike somewhere on the site, that's like my sporty look feel I like the red.
like LBWD's signature, we could have that up at the top of everypage.
I think maybe we should all get a pic of are blasters as the background with a carbon fiber outline? Just a thought.