+3mm stroker


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Jul 31, 2007
will a +3mm stroker really add 4 hp. also, will any work be needed to b done to the motor for it to fit and run properly?
im not sure about the hp, but i do know that a 3mm doesnt need to be trenched. if you go any bigger, say 4mm then you need to have the case trenched
im looking into a stroker crank too

i already have my case apart and i can afford the crank i just dont want to drop my gas mileage too much anybody know how much it would effect it?
I called vitos preformance and asked about a stroker, 240 kit, and a 35mm flat slide carb. he claims he has put one on a dyno with this set up and it made aprox 40hp stock is around 15hp
but this guy is trying to sell so the numbers could be a little sugar coated.
power VS. MPG hmmmmm POWER!!!
Your not driving that thing to work man let it rip!