38T\39T rear sprocket gearing



Ok I have a 14T drive sprocket..and Im considering a a 39 or 38T rear sprocket to pick up top speed.. The blaster has plent of low end tq so im think the smaller rear sprocket wont affect it much, But I am not sure.. Is the 38T sprocket it worth it for top end? 1st and 2nd gear are really short as is..would this 38T sprocket make them longer? and do any of you have an idea of what kinda of top speed id gain? 1-5mph??
im guessing you have 18's on the back, if you dont then it will not help anything because if you notice when ur going for top speed on a blaster, you can pull in the clutch and have more rpm's to go b4 you hit the rev limiter, it hit 71 with the 14/40 gearing, i woodnt worry about it, i have 20's maxxis razrs
I have the stock rear wheels on there now..and im looking in to new rear wheels..Im shooting for 18's(kenda klaw mx's or maxxis razr's) but i trail ride so i might go with 20's for clearance issues not sure.. As for my riding conditions, its usually trail riding with the occasional trip to the track here and there.. 71mph is impressive on a blaster I was thinkng more like a top speed of 50-60mph on the high side..
stock ones go 60, but if u ride trails, go for the 20's but if u do go wit the 18's change ur rear sprocket to about a 38 to make up for the gearing, but yea its all in the toomey, i have the toomey, well u can read my parts list + it might have been a bit less because it was a dude in a car behind me, cood have been 67 or even 65 for all i kno, i want to take it to a dyno so ill know everything exactly
doht think that an inch will do much to ground clearance but i would go with a skid plate just incase
cause i rode super technical stuff the other weekend, and 13/40 gearing with 22 tires was way overgeared, so i moved down to a 12/41
wheww i bet u noticed a big diff, just play around with it and find what u like
You hit 71 with that mod list? stock blasters only do 55. I find that hard to believe that you did 71 with .60 bore and a toomey.
i've only hit 65 on mine w/ 14/39 gears i wanna go to a 38 in the rear im running 18" shreader tires.
yea but only to a certain extent, get too tall and it will bog so dont gear too high, i have 14/40 gearing with 20's
as in i had to feather the clutch all the way up basic hillclimbs

Really becuase I have no problems going up steep hills with the 14\40 gearing, sure you just not in to high of a gear? you want to be in 1st or 2nd when riding steep hills..3rd will bog if the hill is steep enough and you dont hit it with some speed..
yea he is right, its just about what gear you are in when doing hillclimbs
Im assuming he ment to tall because he went a tooth smaller on the front sprocket.
y didnt u give it full out and find out, i havent went to a radar gun yet but i had someone follow me at 71, but it cood have been different,