250ex vs blaster

Who would win?

  • 250ex

    Votes: 1 16.7%
  • Blaster

    Votes: 5 83.3%

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Apr 22, 2007
All stock. Any kind of race. Who do you think would win? I'm guessing since this is a blaster forum that the blaster will get more votes.
i raced a 300ex and i've got proof

its in here somewhere and also me racing a banhsee and another blaster.

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Here's the deal: a Blaster is light weight and loaded with top-end speed; a 250EX is slow to the bone. I just raced a 400EX (we both had pipes) and guess who won by 3 easy ATV lengths? Me. This was a 1/4 mile race and mine was just winding up.
alright looks like we have a showdown here between a blaster and 250ex!

blaster would win i have beaten a 250ex the driver was my friend who used to race, his 250ex had a pipe and reeds, my blaster only had a .20 bore and a pipe and i beat him! i will race him on camera to prove it! when he gets his 250ex fixed lol! this time his 250ex will have about the same mods as my blaster, i will have proof soon!
LOL! The 400EX is LOW END power, not high end. The Blaster is pathetic in the LOW end, but excellent in the HIGH end. We shifted at the same times too. There's no secret. The 250 should be simple.
Ok this past friday i went to the drag strip an took my blaster, with the mods i have listed in my sig i lined up against a 2004 z400 with a pipe 1/8th mile asphalt, we both had a strong start dead even through 3rd gear i hit 4th hard at a high RPM jumped into the powerband quickly an started pulling away i continued to pull away all the way through 6th gear but as soon i as i topped out he started coming back on me through the first light i was a tire length in front at the second light he got me by half a tire length
You both suck a** at driving my blaster dose and easy 90mph but i also have $3000 in it. It has all the things done to it. But im not married haha. I have all my toys. Learn to ride i had a 400ex and it sucked a** the low end was god but not the top. and my blaster has a bottle of NOS.
why would you putt NOS on a quad? or anything for that matter, if you kant build a motor without puss juice, you better just give up, but turboes are fun stuff.... and i want one for my z
only 90mph thats a lie,some guy on pb he has heaps of work done to his blaster with a and that was clocked at 70.75mph i think thats with 22" tyres he has 3 mil vitos stroker...p&p and sc reed cage 34 mil keihin carb...and that beats slightly modded shees..