you worst wreck ever


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Nov 22, 2007
what was your worst quad wreck ever mine was not my a quad but my 1996 RT180 dirt bike i was going up a hill and someone kicked up a rock when climbing the hill i hit it and i climed the hill but not with my bikeI:I must have flown 10 feet in the air
mine is i was going full trothle with my mod shee than snap front shock snap in 2 imagine the rest,its been 4 years and i still have scar!!! thats why one of the first thing i do to my quad is front elka shock!!!!!
ahh jeez once when i was like nine i put our three wheeler in a pond we drained the gas and oil then refilled it and she started right up
on my yz250, i was going to hit a jump, and i hit a nice sized rock right infront of the table top, sitting on the crest where u jump off, and my bike went waaayy up, and i went waaaayy the hell in a pond, and my frame..instead of being like this "[]" it was liek this "S" and i had to get stitches in the back of my head and i rolled my 250r ontop of myself last year..
Weren't a quad..

Was a Kawasaki 550 LTD at about 45-55. Some chick passes a semi on a two lane road in front of me. I sh*t my pants at 4 headlights coming at me and lay her down to go under and be done quick. Catch a f*ckin' foot peg, fly 85', bike goes over twice that, we both cleared the car. I luck out and come down in 4' tall grass at a fair horizontal angle. It leaches onto my leg and snaps it, but between the forces I wind up alive. Left femur is SS with three lag bolts. I have since had neck fusion and arthritus will cripple me within 20.

That is nothing to others I have been in and had friends die. I've lost most of my best friends to vehicles. Only one was a quad, he was impaled. Deserved isn't a proper term. He jumped on purpose into a manzanita grove. He lost the battle due to infection. He actually walked away from the scene. Was punctured in the lungs several times and the intestines. Had another friends brother screamin' on a three wheeler (Big Red) on pavement. f*cked up a turn and she rolled with him and gobbled him up. I was there when he sh*t and pissed himself. Some f*cked up smelling stuff leaked out of his head. He made it back, but I know that ride wasn't worth the price.

Just fyi.

Riding a wheelie with my friends yfz 450. Doing like 45-50 down the road and the f*cking front shock falls off. This thing was brand new and the dumbass that put it together forgot to tighten up the bolt that holds the top of the shock on. I tried to let her down easy, but i ended up going end for end down the pavement. Luckily i just got scraped up a bit. The dealer bought new plastics and the gytr exhaust for it.

I had a friend die a few years ago when he hit a cable that was blocking off the road that goes to a field right next to my house. It snapped his neck and i watched him die while waiting for the ambulance that went to the wrong address.
one of my friends -- the one i bought my 400ex from a couple years back rescently hit a barbed wire fence with his raptor700r and he was moving about can imagine the outcome (he is still alive, but he is on all kinds of sh*t to keep him from dying
on my 300ex i was fleeing from a cop (my fault) i hit a nasty bump broke my tie rods and flipped down a hill until i hit a tree and then the next thing i see is my f*cking quad flipping down and heading towards me, i didn't react fast enough so it pinned me agianst the tree knocking me out cold. i woke up the next morning in a hospital bed with no idea of what happened. after going to court a judge forced me to sell my trx 300.

second one was when i was doing some powersliding on wet blacktop near my drive way, i started speeding up and tried to slid until i hit a dry part and it threw me agianst my moms car.

one of my friends almost died right in front of me when he rolled down a steep hill.. that scared the sh*t outta me
This is depressing. Sorry to hear that sometimes bad things happen to good people.

Trying to lighten the mood:
When I was 12 I had a DS80. There was a rock in my yard, that when I hit it and hit the gas at the same time I could "Pop a wheelie". I called my entire family out of the house to watch my riding skills, or in this case lack thereof.

So I come around the house, into the backyard, and get ready. I got nervous, and gave it to much gas to early. Which sent the front end up a little bit, then when I hit the rock with my back tire, it slams the front down and I do a front wheelie for a second. Then somehow, I bounce on seat and fall backward off the bike. I dont even know how this is possible but I ended up between the rear fender and wheel, with the bike layed down, and the throttle stuck in the dirt at about half throttle, spinning the wheel, ripping my shirt off, and tearing up my back.

That X-mas I got a shirt that said "Dont tread on me".
i actually was on th back of a motor bike with my friend doing about 60. i see a truck stopped ahead for a left hand turn and he doesnt. when he starts getting real close i relize he doesnt notice. so i start beating on his back and we smash into the back of the truck.i jumped to try and prevent any damage to my self and end up in the back of the truck with a badly bruised foot. he dented the gas tank with his lower unit and fractured his knee cap. the bike only need new forks to be ridable. and the truck was fine. but we were lucky to walk away
i was 15 and it was a lt250. there was this dirtpile that looked like this
----> ____-------______ you hop up and wheelie on the top part, i did it all of the time. well i did it once and gave it a bit too much throttle and i was laying on the other side going down with the handlebars in my lap, i broke 2 ribs and suffered a leg injury. the grab bar was bent all of the way up on the seat., i sold it after i got it running again
heres another one that happened a long long time ago

ok i'm ridng on the gravel to a private property that my friend owns, i'm like half way until some guy with a crappy looking truck that was driving towards me he just like veered onto my side and i was like ohhhhh sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i swung the handle bars went into a really deep ditch my quad went out from under me went in midair with me along side of it my blaster, i hit face down broke the shade on my helmet, rolled over rocks and hit cornstalks, my blaster went tumbliling somwhere else, i had a really deep cut in my leg, messed up a couple fingers, and my shoulder is sore. the guy just drove off i could tell he did it on purpose becuz he slowed down to watch me go flying in the air, i found my blaster on the side, one of the bolts that held my fender on was gone,and 2 rivits on my silencer were broken, i flipped my blaster over it started on the 3rd kick sounded fine, i rode it back to my friends house slowly, and i saw that f*cking truck parked in his neighbors driveway!!! my friend was sitting outside and as soon as i got off he was like what the f*ck happened????? i told him the story we went in the house bandaged my leg up,put some splints on my fingers, i asked him if he knew who that guy that had that truck that is in his neighbors driveway and hes like yeah its my neighbors son and i'm like hes the faggot who made me crash!!!!!! my friend starts getting pissed and trys to go to his gun cabinet and i had to freaking hold him back and calm him down. boy i was pissed even more the next morning
the worst crash i had i was 10 driving about 35 on my family's suzuki lt 250 4x4 when i drove right into a gully type thing. i go flying over the handlebars, get all scraped up but nothing broken
well I guess I'm lucky the worst crash I've had was wen I was down on my uncles boss' ranch I was ridin a polaris 335 (don't remember the actual model) and he was ahead of me on a cr250 (dirtbike) and I was goin halfway in puddles and then coming back out and rolled it but I bailed before it came all the way over so I was just covered in mud lol and it started right up after he came back and rolled it over
well it happend yesterday i was wheelieing and slipped and fell off the back then got dragged behind it for like 15m the later that day i was wheelieing again and was going like 35 and when the front hit the ground it hit a rock and i flew off over the handle bars and busted some ribs, leg and wrist and can't really move it still lol