Pleasee help..

Joseph kennady

New Member
Dec 2, 2022
So I have a 1992 blaster and I’m new to two strokes. I just got the quad it has an open air box and a fmf silencer but stock pipe. I believe it has a 240 main jet and a 30 pilot jet. So the air screw is all the way in and it still seems lean. Not much smoke and I’m running 32:1. So do I go up on the pilot jet and what is the boarder line I should start at for my setup? Do you think the main jet is to small?? Or can I just go down on the needle ? Someone please help me ….
What makes you think it’s lean ? At what point of the throttle opening does it happen? When was last time you cleaned the carb and set the float ? And I’m not talking a quick douche with a spray can.
Have you ever done a leak down test?
As to main what air filter do you have? If in doubt increase the size.

FYI, two strokes are more sensitive to air temperature. Go up one size for every 15-20* drop in temps from “perfect “ jetting .
Also one thread for the same problem is enough
I’m paralyzed so I haven’t taken the carb off yet and I k ow it’s lean because there is not a lot of smoke and the air screw is all the way in and it revs high when warmed up but when it’s cold it wants to turn off if not idleing
When you clean the carb take ALL Jets out and the main jet holder/emulsion tube. There’s tiny holes on the side of the tube.
Stock pilot jet is 32.5, might try that also.
What happens when the air screw is 1 1/2 turns out?
What kind/brand of oil do you use?