YFZ rear shock on my 2000 Blaster



I thought everyone on here might like to see this. I put a +4 swingarm on with a lowering kit so I could put the longer YFZ shock on the rear. There is a small clearance issue with the silencer pipe, but I just spaced it out from the frame on the mounting so the pipe is not touching the reservoir. Any questions, lemme know...this ride is 10 times better than the stock setup, and I didn't have to drop $400-800 bones! People are selling these shocks on ebay for nearly nothing and trickin out their YFZs. Now I just need a longer axle with a wider, YFZ equipped front end!


Nice BoJangles. I am going to do the same type of set up. Except my res gets in the way of my silencer pipe. I have not started on mine yet but I layed the shock in place of the old one. + i still need to lengthen my swing arm.
That looks like it is a good setup. Can you post more pictures of it?
I'd like to see how the machine sits with the mods done to it. I'm assuming it won't be too low in the back with the lowering link since the shock is longer, but I'd like to see.
No problem, I'll get more pics up soon. It sits a little taller with no weight on it, but about the same once mounted.
Thanks BBoy, hey twsjeep, how bad is your resie in the way? and what kind of silencer are you running?
Thanks for the extra pictures!

That looks real good, I like the way it sits.
I noticed you still have another hole in the lowering link you could use if you wanted to lower it more, but it seems to look right the way it is.

I'm glad to see the finished project, I may have to consider the same setup for mine. Good job!
Not sure what silencer it was. I know it was after market though. I also need to lengthen my swing arm still. I think +4 will work but im not sure if a stock blaster needs a +4 swingarm. What do you think?
I agree that a stock Blaster is not necissarily in need of +4 in the rear, however, I found this one brand new online for only $165 and it helped me to fit the YFZ shock. My stock swingarm did not have the clearance for the coil spring where the cross support in the front of the swingarm is kind of curved on the inside instead of straight across like this one. I do feel that the lengthened swingarm helps high speed stability...but I experienced it once I had the much better shock on there, so it's hard to say. It's only the beginning of a journey that will end with a longer axle, wider a arms up front with YFZ shocks there also.

I tried the other hole you see in the linkage to begin with and it was too low for me when mounted so I moved it up one. I also had to space out my silencer from the frame using the rubber grommets that come with the FMF silencer to give space between the ressie and pipe.