Wont start!



Hey guys I was wondering if anyone knew what was wrong with my blaster. It wont seem to fire up. I just keep kicking and nothing happens. Any idea?
Ya it can be lots of things you need to be more specific about what your problem is. Check for gas, spark, and your carb like the other guys said. Then if its not one of those, post back here.
What sparky said ^

You need to troubleshoot first, dont immediately jump on the forums when something goes wrong. Try and figure it out for yourself, then if your still stumped, we can help :)
hmmm !key and switch? inightion coil hooked up?3gas? 4carb? 5 right jetting? how old are the rings?
I hate when that happens.
I shake mine really hard and then half-choke it.
Ensure you have oil and that your FUEL switch is on "FUEL," not OFF or RESERVE.

One thing I hate about my Blaster is that it quits and requires gas at half tank or a little less. You can see it in there, but you then have to flip it to RESERVE and get more gas. Sucks. Good luck.
If that was in March when he posted and he has not been back, I would say he forgot to turn the switch to RUN...LOL
lol once i kicked it thinking the coil was hooked up to the spark plug, but it wasn't i ended up having to take the head off to pull the piston back up.
well, when I did my rebuild I did the parking brake removal at the some time. I Also neagted to take the switch off from the clutch perch. I spent 20 min trying to figure out why my blaster would bog with ANY throttle. yep, parking brake switch.
Parking brakes and TORS are the most worthless things ever. Its to prevent lawsuits yet they dont work anyway..... They can just say that you didnt go in for your regular service....
try this

make sure the spark plug cap is on but first you should take out the spark plug and ether clean it or get a new one then be sure to put the spark plug cap on all the way it could also be electronic there are alot of wires in the front of the quad check them out fool around with it youl find the problem and do you have compresion if not this could lead to something pretty seriouse if its not dealt with soon