whos who?


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May 13, 2007
whos the moderator and admins on this forum and all the main guys that always hop on here?.......cheers
lbwd is a moderator.

Im on here a couple times a day because im in the middle of a rebuild on my banshee and my cousins blaster.

Only 1 mod and 1 admin I believe. Few regulars though.
cbaber is our administrator :)

jlsparky7 is one of the top posters as you can probably see. He's helpful to a lot of members, and so is YamaRider. We have quite a few people on here who are helpful and that's what it's about. We're the Blaster community. Post up :)
what u rebuilding on your banshee and your cousins blaster?

Right now im installing my g-force axle along with new axle bearings on the shee. My cousins blaster is getting a full rebuild, I dont think any 2 parts are touching. Hes getting the frame powdercoated and im rebuilding the engine for him.
im on here...once or twice a day....jsut trying to help/throw my 2 xents in adn look for help sometimes....but welcome bud!