what you think i should do??


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Nov 22, 2007
over a freinds house and going through his garage and found this, his brother had it and is older now he needs to get rid of it so i took it what should i do (i have motor and fmf full pipe) no plastics


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p.s. this is what it is not the actual bike but you could really say it was has same rims and everything but tires are ipt hole shots old ones
this isient the bike but you really could it is so close everything is the exact same but the tires are old hole shots
i think i may do that and just take my time but i want to put a diffrent motor or should i just keep the same one any ideas????????
well you could try looking around to find a newer motor, so its more trustworthy becuz old ones lose reliability
thats what i ment i caint seem to find one thought oh well ill just have to put a blaster motor in it for now (sigh i dont like stock blasters anymore compared to a one all done up sigh)