what kind of car do you drive?

1996 Cadillac Seville STS
300HP 4.6L 32Valve DOHC :: 0-60 = 6.4 sec

Bad, discolored photos at www.cadillaclove.com. It's garnett red (a dark red). Looks like crap on my site though.
Right now i've got 3 street legal vehicles, and one car that isn't.

My daily driver, and the newest toy in my collection is my 97 Probe GTS. 2.5 24 valve, 5 speed, and every option except window defrosters and that buzz-kill automatic trans.

My van has been my real project lately(there's too much to explain, the cardomain page summarizes it pretty good except I have a bumpin sound system in it now) http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2537865
I also have a 93 GMC Sonoma 4.3, auto, xcab, which i'm trying to sell.

I'm a part-owner of a 95 Nissan Sentra we built into a rally car for running in tuff trucks competitions and stuff like that. No pictures of this one though, I wish I had a way to post up videos of the sick airtime we get with this thing.

I have a very bad addiction. If it has an engine and wheels I want it. Once I get it, it's gotta be shinier, faster, and louder.
wow, my friend has my old baja buggy and he ended up making it louder than anything i've heard so far, hope you get ur rally car that you want.
dirtyblaster said:
wow, my friend has my old baja buggy and he ended up making it louder than anything i've heard so far, hope you get ur rally car that you want.

We've had it for 2 years already and the thing just won't bust. I have about $250 invested, and one of my buddies has the same invested in it as well. That includes the original purchase of the car, plus 4 new tires, and the steel tubing for the roll cage. It's a badass little car, all stripped out, exhaust exits right behind the drivers side front tire, and 5 point harnesses for both front seats.
lbwd said:
Now, the Probe is a pretty cool little car :)

Oh yeah, i was looking for a decent probe gt for years and finally found that one a few weeks ago. It's also got the GTS package, which is a rare find in itself because it was only offered in the final production year in limited numbers. The thing is really in mint condition, the paint is immaculate, the chrome wheels don't have a single scuff on them, and the leather seats look like new. Plus the previous owner had sunk about 4g's into it for engine work and a clutch less than 1000 miles before I bought it. You'd have to be crazy to pass up a deal like that. The sound system was the only problem with it, the factory amp was fried and the only speaker that worked was the blown out factory sub, but that's already been completely torn out and replaced.

Some people just don't understand why I wanted one of these so bad, that's because they never drove one. The power is pretty darn good, but the handling is really off the wall amazing even with the so-so tires.
Well I know it's a pretty fun ride. And the leather is cool. I didn't know they had them in leather (GTS.) I know an older guy who has the regular Probe and he loves it.

Yours looks great and I really like the paint.
How many miles does the Probe have on it?
I actually didn't know that probes came in leather either until I found this one. This one was the first that I ever saw with the GTS package as well.

That picture doesn't even do it justice, it needs washed and the lighting wasn't real good either. There's 77,000 miles on it and the heads were just remanufactured so it runs and sounds like a brand new car.
Nice. Same with my Lac. It has 161K on the clock and runs like new. It actually runs better than the 06 and 07 STS (tested them.) When they're taken care of, they last!

My dad has two Buick's, one with 372,000 miles and one with 266,470 miles. They run :) I'm signing off now, be back tomorrow. Later dudes!
04 Sunfire... but not just a sunfire, heres the mods:

Eagle rods
Wiseco 10:1 compression .020 over pistons
Fidanza Lightweight flywheel
Balanced rotating assembly
Spec stage 3 clutch
Comcams high rpm grind, 3,500-8000 RPMS
Ferrea valves
Ferrea dual valve springs
Ferrea titanium retainers
Pacesetter lsj header (2.0s/c header)
3inch downpipe, no cat
Phantomgrip LSD insert
Polyurethane mounts
Siemmens 60lb/hour injecters
Accel AFPR
MSD DIS-2 ignition box w/ 2-step
Copper SRT-4 plugs
deleted balance shafts
AEM UEGO Wideband
Autometer phantom fuel pressure guage
Autometer phantom boost guage
Autometer cobalt 10k tach with light
B&M Shortthrow shifter
Removed all insulation from car, no carpet either (that one i regret)
MSD Inline fuel pump
Mild p&p job on the head
Relocated battery to the trunk
Vortech V-9 G trim supercharger, only 9psi because the idiot designers decided to drive it off the camshaft... limiting speed.
2.2liter shifting at 8,100 rpms

AGX Struts
Eibach sportline springs
Kazera KZ-A Black/silver 18/7.5 inch rims with Khumo Ecsta MX 225/40/zr18's
I just got my new flywheel bolts in so ill be back on the road and tuning again tomorrow... Its still slow ;)
There's some kid who drives one of those to his friends house, who just happens to live on the gravel road that I ride on. Anyway, he floors the brakes and slide around, like right to the edge of the road. Then he hits the gas and does these wimpy peel outs.

One day real soon he's going to meet me.
I'm getting pissed because he's going to hit us out there if he doesn't watch his ass. When I see him next, he's going down. Guaranteed.

BTW -- that's quite a list of mods. No carpet!? lol
just like my bros friend who has a charger, he did a bunch of burnouts on the road, he slept over the next morning he finds huge peices of logs thrown through the windsheild, his mirriors were broken off, he knew it was my neighbor but he had no proof.