What holds the rear rotor in place on the axle?



Like the title says..what holds the rotor in place besides the splines on the axle?? Mine just is held in place by the caliper..it wobbling and not secure..and I am just curious how they came from the factory? I know the rear brakes suck..but id like to fix mine to they work for the time being untill i can afford some hydro brakes..
correct umondo. the rear break rotor is called a floating rotor. and as blaster freak said its held on with ther rubber boots and thoes circular clip things/rings (sorry dont know what to call them)
It's supposed to do that

If you'll notice...the caliper only pushes on one side of the rotor...in order to get friction from both pads in the caliper, the rotor has to slide over so the one piston doing the pushing sandwiches the rotor between both pads....

It's normal...you'd have problems if it didn't "float" or move side to side