Well it's time to say goodbye


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May 11, 2007
Well as some of you might know i'm heading up to quadfest 2007 in somerset, PA tomorrow but i will be leaving today an going to stay with my cousins that's going also, so i will be back sunday night, but prob won't get on here till monday an i will have lots of pictures! an some vids of the drag banshee's an blasters. an mud bog an all that good sh*t! so see you all monday!
Thanx an thanx i will be sure to have fun, see what my plan is, is to ride my blaster like i stole it until the last day of quadfest then i won't ride it like i stole it anymore i will.........GIVE IT HELL!!!!!!!!! Lol my blaster can take the licking an keep on ticking that's what it's all about yamaha! Never failed me once!
lol, that sound like some crazy riding. I'm sure your gona need a little tune up after that quadfest:)
sounds tight i wish i lived around there. Are you going to be racing or anything?
i was supposed to go with some friends but since my wife is 8.5 months pregnant I cant leave the area. Well theres always next year.