well i removed my blaster head


Mar 26, 2007
i decided to remove the top piece of the head to see if my gasket had a crack in it the nuts come off really easy i removed the pipe and silencer and pulled off the top piece of the head. the gasket was brand new and didn't have any cracks. however the top of the piston was very dirty, the walls were smooth and had no scratches.

so i'm wondering how to clean the top of the piston its like dry black sh*t.
i will post pictures later
That "dry black sh*t" is carbon build up from your engine and is normal given the Blaster is two stroke. As for cleaning it off I don't really know what you can use but whatever it is be careful as you don't want to nic/damage your piston/jug.
How would you clean the piston head? Would you have to be as careful?
i used a dry paper towel to get get most of the stuff off of the top of the piston, most of the carbon was wet, i made sure none of it got into the cyinder.
my uncle just went out of town so i can't get ahold of his torque wrench.

could i just use this wrench? and estimate it

On 4 stroke motors i estimate the torque all the time. So i'm pretty sure you could on a 2 stroke, just remember they don't have to be super tight.

But i do rec. using the torque wrench for any head work.
yeah, if my uncle was in town i could use his wrench.

the way i estimate is by just spinning the wrench until it stops spinning then i turn it ony a little.
ok my last post sounds confusing.

its almost like i'm using my fingers to spin the nuts until they touch the head then i give them a little turn with the wrench. if i was to remove the nuts agian i wouldn't even need to use my musles that much
Tighten them completely on with your fingers as tight as you can get them with your fingers an tighten them the same amount of turns with the ratchet is a good way to do it.
Buy a can of Seafoam at any autoparts store. It will eat the carbon right off your piston and wont damage anything. The stuff is amazing. I run it in my truck, bike, and quad. Works awesome as carb cleaner as well.
As for your guessing wit hthe torque spec. I think that hand tight then 1/4 turn with a wrench should be around 20 ft/lbs.

When you can get your hands on a torque wrench then snug them to where they are supposed to be.
Just be sure to tighten in a crisscross pattern as to not warp the head