Warrior A Arms and Rear Shock on a blaster


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Jul 31, 2007
Would i be able to put a arms and a rear shock on from a Yamaha Warrior onto my 2006 Blaster
The a-arms will bolt right on and the shock will too. The warrior shock is 2 inches shorter than a stock blaster shock, and the a-arms from a warrior are a +1 or +2. If you have the whole bike go ahead and hook up spindles from the warrior and the complete front hydraulic brakes too. Also you can use the rear carrier and axle with rear hydraulic brakes. Only modification would be the master cylinder.
K thanks i do not have a warrior but they sell the stock parts on ebay really cheap
I don't think the warrior a arms will bolt up. due to the fact that on the top a arm we have a bolt an bushing that goes all the way through an the warrior doesn't.
There is a spacer inside the stock a-arm. Remove the bushing and install it in the warrior upper a-arm. Then bolt it up. You can paint the bushing to look cleaner but it will be exposed. However banshee upper a-arms are identical to blaster a-arms but wider. If you look at asr a-arms the same syle set up is used. The warrior and banshee use the same a- arm kit with spacers. Go ahead and have a look.

I see what you mean i kinda thought the only way they would work is with the bushing being exposed.