vote for the best quad tire! (POLL)

vote for the best atv tire!

  • Kenda Klaw

    Votes: 9 12.5%
  • carlisle turf tamer

    Votes: 4 5.6%
  • itp holeshot

    Votes: 35 48.6%
  • maxxis RAZR

    Votes: 24 33.3%

  • Total voters
Bump for some opinions! Id like to know of a good Snow tire?
I have ITP's, i love them, they have amazing grip....and SOLO - depends how deep the snow is...cuz...if it is kinda deep...go paddles...idk..i used my itp's last was okay..but in deeper spin alot and you cant go anywhere lol...and where i live...we get some pretty deep snow
I got a set of realtors for sand/snow/mud bust damn tires for them 3 things. they are like brand new with rims an hubs im about to sell them.
ITP holeshots baby, I love them for everything, and they have a good ply
Paddles for snow huh? I never considerd that but I can see how it wwould work..Ill be riding in anything from a dusting to a 1ft depending on what kind of snow fall we get here in NJ this winter..But for a regular rear tire I was thinking of some Kenda Klaw MX's or some ITP holeshots in an 18" sized tire I am not sure about the fronts yet..Ill probly get the same ones as i do for the rears unless any of you have ideas on a front tire for regular dirt\feild\street use?
Holeshots. I have XC's and XCR's right now and they were really f*cking expensive, and are reallly heavy, but they grip like a f*cker and damn it I bet they won't pop.
get some x/t dirt grabbers there 6 ply and thay hook good i love en but there kinda un popular never had em for snow but thay rock in the mudd ill find out how good thay are in the snow some time this winter!