Turning TORS off?

Throttle Over Ride System

Basically its a sensor that monitors throttle position and will bring the bike down to idle at extended periods of WOT (wide open throttle).

It's a fairly unessecary safety feature. It's a huge PITA when it comes time to work on the carb, and they contantly malfunction and cause all kinds of screwey problems.

For elminating TORS there are a few steps:

1. Buy a Vitos TORS eliminator kit. This is nice because it gets rid of the stupid carb cap and all the associated crap.

2. 88-02 unplug tors box under hood, just follow the wires. For 03-06 cut the wires comming off the TORS cap, connect em, and be done with it.

There are different variations of anything I listed above. Those are just the simplest methods.
russell said:
what are tors? and what does it do if u take it off ?

Raed my post.

If you take it off, it alleviates a common cause of:
"why my blaster dont run right?" lol