Transmission fluid level



I'm going to sound like a moron here but how does one go about checking the oil level in the transmission? When I pull the screw-in plug I see a gear or two, but no oil. I haven't gotten around to getting a Clymer manual from my dealer and I still fear eBay so it may be a little while yet. Also while I'm on the topic, what oil is used in there?

P.S. Has anyone been able to find a free and downloadable PDF version of the Blaster manual?

on that same side there I little sight glass near your peg with two little lines marking minmum level or maximum level of oil in there
on the kickstarter side, small glass window, it might need cleaned off, and you most likely will need a flashlight to see... and put YAMALUBE4 in for your tranny fluid "DO NOT USE AUTOMOTIVE BECAUSE IT CONTAINS MODIFIERS THAT BURN THE f*ck OUT OF YOU CLUTCH" --(cochise will be proud :) lmao)
Well thanks for the insight. I'll get it started now and check the levels. Thanks.