toataly PISSED


Mar 26, 2007
i was fixing to add more brake fluid into the lever, i get one screw out, but the other one ended up getting script so i can't put any screw drivers in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how can i get it out!! i'm so pissed plz tell me becuz my brakes are out of fluid
Go to and hardware store and ask for an easy out bit set. They are drill bits that spin backwords and grab the head of the screw. Should run you 5-10 bucks and they are good to have around. If that doesnt work you could always drill the head of the screw off and use pliers. Or just retap the hole.
i got it out! i used a reallly thin phillips that you put in a power drill, i held it on the script screw hamered the phillips so it would make a print, it worked! i winded it out slowly with the power drill.

question is the old brake fluid supposed to look like this? i did not put the new stuff in yet but i'm wondering what the hell is it dirty?
hey jlsparky thanks for the advice, after i was done being pissed i decide try it one more tiem and then i got an idea and it worked i was surprised!
one tool that will always come in handy with this type of striped screw, is a hand held impact srew driver. Ive used mine so many times, and not just for ATV stuff. It uses your method you did by hitting the end of the screw driver with a hammer, but this tool is made for it so it wont break like a conventinal screw driver will after banging on it to many times. It will also losten or tigten the screw without you trying hard to turn it by hand yourself.