Throttle Cable?


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Apr 1, 2007
I was out riding my Blaster last week. While performing a donut in gear three, all of the sudden my ride quit on me; it just died. As I kicked to start it up, I noticed no response in the throttle and no response overall. As I pressed the throttle for the fun of it (even though the thing won't start), I noticed that it has absolutely no restrictions whatsoever; it it like pressing nothing -- you can flick it as much as you want to. It's way to easy to press.

Anyway I think it's the throttle cable. I opened the box on the handle bars and saw the cable was a little loose looking, as if it had too much slack.

Here's the question:
How do I fix this thing so that I can ride again?
get a new throttle cable, and check your slide in the carb or whatever the blaster cables hook up to to make sure maybe it didnt get ripped through the guide, or kome off for that matter, and if that doesnt work then its time for either a rebuild, crank seals, intakes boot, all of the above, or a carb off something else
Yea oneday on my way home i was all riding an enjoying the blaster i just picked up when all a sudden mine died on me i kicked on her for a long time so i hop off an get looking at the motor an find the cap on my carb came off well i screw it back down tight with my hand get on an kick it some more, then she backfires like crazy, i finally get her stared up holding the throttle wide open in first gear trying to make it up the hill she cuts off half way up so i push it the rest the way i tore that bike down an checked everything on it finally i threw my wrenches down an said it's going to the shop firs thing in the morning, well i go in an sit an think of what it could be very dissapointed i only had the bike 1 day well i figured i better change the spark plug before i go so they don't have to at the shop cuz they will charge you like 10 dollars just to change it well i pu it in an decide to give it 1 last kick before loading her up an boom she fires right up an runs like a beauty............anyways replace your plug
It was in the piece above the carb, where the throttle cable runs through. It was stuck so we just pulled it loose and did a shot of WD-40. Thanks for all your help guys.