the nasty accident my friend had


Mar 26, 2007
well, me and my friend derek decided to go out for a drive, i had my blaster, he had his honda trx 300ex, i was behind derek, after 2 hours, it was getting cloudy so we turn on our lights, when we get tot his really tight turn he starts going around the turn, and as soon as i get past the turn i can't even find my friend, but i see huge rips in the ground leading to a really steep hill with trees, i look and i see a light really far down, i start running down the hill, i tripped and tumbled a couple times until i found my friend underneath his quad, i get it off of him, he is bleeding alot and he is knocked out, so i called his parents and told them to get his ass over to where we are, i start making bandages, and i start making sure he keeps breathing, and i was saying his name to try and get him to wake up becuz i was scared to death of what was gonna happen, he starts waking up, i was so releived, his parents finnaly arrive, we help him up the hill, his mom who is a nurse looks at him, his mom finnally tells me whats going on she says that he has a couple cuts, his leg is messed up, he doesn't remeber a thing about what happened,i go with his dad to pull the 4 wheeler up the hill, we find it we hook up a cable from his truck and start pulling it up and the whole thign was smashed i help him load it on his truck, he thanks me for my help.and says that i can come by tommarow to see how he is doing.

yes i know its a long ass story but i just wanted to say ride with a budy at all times! i don't want you to end up dead
wow, hope hes doing all right. The worst accident i ever had was when i hit a tree with my snowmobile and went over the handle bars and hit another tree... broke my collar bone, cracked 1 rib and got a concussion.
im hopefully getting my honda 250r soon hopefully it doesnt turn out to be a death trap on 3 wheels,

hope your friend gets better i would hate to roll down a hill tangled up in a trike or quad.......
holy sh*t man hope he gets better and always ride with a buddy yep please do i have never crashed bad and got so hurt that i couldn't get up and walk away from it but had a few close calls and its always better to have a mate there just incase
i checked up on him today,hes feeling a little better and hes tired,we hugn out and he was thanking my ass for making sure he stays alive and stuff, he doesn't really care about the damage done to his honda from what i saw on it the swingarms are bent bad, the frame is wasted, the motor makes really loud clanging sounds. after all hes feeling ok
like i said he doesn't care about the bike, he plans on just letting it sit in the garage since its a really old model.