the blaster is goin (im movin on)


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May 13, 2007
wel i was at the beach yesterday thinking about something,and it struck me i gotta sell the blaster,so i talked to dad and its goin on evilbay tonight,its sad:(:(:(,but its gotta go,hopefully it sells,so im gettin outta the quad scene and concentrating on my career as a pimpI:II:I,.....jk i dont know wat im doinB-)B-)....will post a link up later of it on ebay i want 4000au for it,its cheap for wat it is over here.....
the last pic i took of me on my blaster from yesterday
im pimpin my aussie body out to all these desperate hot chicks,lol.jk,im goin 1 less wheel of wat i've got now thats the only clue....
I was thinkin of changin bikes to a YFZ but why a trike?
wel after the bike bein on ebay about 3 times some guy is very interested in it just gotta see about a price to ship it out to him,i said 3500 he can have it and he seems very keen,i've got a tri-z 250 with a yz 490 stroker and all the bull sh*t done to it lined up to buy as soon as the blaster sells,so hopefully thumbs up its goes.......cheers
nah not yet,still havent sold my blaster yet but as soon as i do i know of 2 trikes to look at....
it is officially gone!!!!!! hopefully pick up the trike tomorro night!!!!
its a 85 water cooled 250r,
all thats wrong with it is,
needs fresh fuel and a oil change,carb cleaned,the float adjusted and its ready to roll,its got a axle and pipe already on will be coming home with me tonight....
how much u getting it for, and i have a rear shock from one of those would u know how to mount it up to my blaster