Suggestions need



I currently have a fmf fatty exhaust on my blaster, today after I repacked the slicencer that there is a leak where the pipe attaches to the motor. It appears as if there is a loose fit, pipe is in good condition. Do you think just replacing the spring would give it a better seal. Suggestions please!!!
It seems like everythign fmf makes has issues with sealing up at the joints, 2 stroke or 4 stroke.

If it didn't leak before you repacked it, i'd try aligning it different or making sure it's slid on there as far as it goes.
did you replace the exhaust gasket? it could have been squished or damaged removing the pipe...
I took the pipe off today, and there wasnt no o ring on the flange, maybe that is where my problem is. I just cant believe that the exhaust was designed to slip on. Im gonna try the o ring and will let you know what happen.
been looking for o rings tonight, and all I can find is FMF BANSHEE 87-06 PIPE SPRING & O-RING. Does anybody know how much of a difference there is between the flange on the banshee compared to the blaster. Thanks again.