New exaust now not running right


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May 3, 2022
So my blaster has the TORS delete with a KEININ Pwk carburetor, it was running good with the stock exhaust however it had a big exaust manifold leak. So I replaced it with a Fmf fatty gold series pipe and fmf muffler and it won't idle and it bogs and is really sporadic and jerky at low rpms, like it fouls the plug immediately pretty much. The carburetor has a 168 main jet with needle at middle clip, and a 42 pilot jet. Oh and it smokes excessively at low rpms, mixed 45:1 with yamalube and 94 gas.
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Is it white stinky smoke ?
What do you have for air filter setup?
What size carb ?

Actually sounds like it’s jetted to rich. However don’t start changing things just yet until we figure everything out