Stock wiring diagrams-


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Dec 23, 2009
edit: pics enhanced by speedyslyder, to make them actually readable :)

88-02 4 wire stator

03+ Five wire stator

88-02 4 wire stator w/ lighting
nice to see these packaged up in one spot, stuck like chuck !!!
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I cant see the color codes on the 2003-05...
Also will the 4-wire stator not work on the 2003-2005 wiring?

download the 03-06 supplement here, and find the wiring diagram in there, it'll be readable

a 5 wire stator can be used in an 88-02 4 wire harness by grounding the extra green wire of the stator to the frame.

a 4 wire stator cannot be used with a 5 wire 03+ harness
I would like to rewrite my blaster because the nut case that had it spray painted everything red and the wires look bad. Can I run new wires?

you could run new wires,
if the wiring itself is in useable shape, just painted over ?
the wires are mostly wrapped in tape,
i'd try untaping them, just clean the untaped ends with paint thinner,
then re-wrap with new electical tape.
that'll keep all the stock connectors and butt splices.
if you still cant see it,or your computer,or device wont let you view the pdf blaster manual,try changing the zoom on your toolbar,they are set at 100% standard you can change it to much bigger then that to read it,''top right of screen'' tools ,zoom,on your toolbar.o_O
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