Spark problems


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Mar 13, 2022
I picked up an 03 blaster last year. It ran when I parked it. But now it has no spark.

I first assumed the ignition coil and I couldn't get a reading on it. So I replaced it with a genuine part. Still no spark. I can't get a reading on either but it's a cheesy auto ranging meter.

I looked up resistance values for stator. The lighting coil was fine but I couldn't get a reading on the ignition coil on the stator. So I ordered an Amazon replacement. It came with only 4 wires and a green jumper wire. It was a female connection like the one on the frame harness. After I installed it I looked at my old one and realized that the green/white stripped wire goes to one side of the ignition coil NOT the ground wire. I assumed this picks up a ground through the tors system? I rechecked the coil and realized it's actually fine.

I reinstalled the factory stator and used the jumper wire to give the ignition coil a solid ground. Still nothing.

I'm assuming now that the CDI is bad. Or I just happened to get a junk (frame) ignition coil from the dealer.

Any words of wisdom?
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I went through two Amazon stators, neither of which worked. Replacing with a genuine Rick's Motorsports Electronics stator kit fixed all my spark/timing/stator issues.

I have a 2001, so it's a little different than your 03.

You mention a TORS system, so I imagine you still have yours installed?

Normally with the 03 and later blasters, the issues we see are TORS or Parking Brake switch causing it not to rev.

Both the TORS and Parking Brake switches should still let the bike start and idle.

Have you checked the resistance on the plug wire from the Ignition Coil to Plug?

How are your grounds to the ignition coil?

Here is the Wiring Diagram for your blaster.

Looks like that Green/White wire should go to the CDI.


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