son off a B**** wats this?


Mar 26, 2007
sory bout having the topic a swear word but its so new i'm mad! :x i just removed the silencer to repack, after i toke the silender off i removed that black thing that connects the silencer to the header and found what seems to be packing (not steel wool) i take it out and then i find out it looks like the inside of the black part is melting or did somehow the old packin gfall down? but i doubt it did, i'l elave it up yo u
i have no clue haha i got a 2006 blaster and i havent had any problems like that so i cant help ya out sorry
I don't know what it's from, but when I took my exhaust off a couple weeks ago it had the same stuff in the muffler, head pipe connector. I cleaned the stuff off and put it back together and it's still running good.
mine had that too i think its just heat wrap that they use around the inside of the rubber connector so the heat does not burn the rubber connector so easy.