scary new project


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Apr 4, 2007
York, PA
1970-something Massey Ferguson 8hp tractor


1981 Honda CB650


;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

First is to get the bike running... these carbs are a nightmare.

Got both machines for free. Tractor has no spark, bike has no title but ran before it was put away 2 years ago. Should be an interesting little project. The worst part will just be figuring out how to mount the engine in the tractor so it stays there. We're planning on using a rear swingarm setup off an old quad. We're not even sure where this project is going to end up, but i'm damn sure I won't be riding it without a helmet.
I'd estimate the 0-5 time of the tractor to be about .3 seconds if it actually ran. I imagine it'll be a bit more impressive if this project ever comes together the way i'm hoping it will. It'll be going to the drag strip for sure.
It might not be as bad as it first appears. Assuming we can get the engine to run as well as it did before it was put away for 2 years (assuming), the hardest part is going to be replacing the original hydro rear end with a solid rear axle setup off a quad. Most likely it'll be the rear axle setup off an old warrior or something, so that we get some decent disc brakes, because stopping this thing is going to be the scariest part.