rear aftermarket cailper

ok is it just the caliper or does it come with the brake line and the master cylinder?
What is he going to put it on? No i didn't have it on my blaster i got now (2001) it was one of my 2005 model blasters. The guy that had the 05 before me wrecked it an replaced the frame with a 2000 model frame an drilled 2 holes in the swingarm to try to get it to bolt up it was all sh*tty so i just took it all off, it's nothin though to fabricate a lil mount out of aluminum or steel.

I think the back side will bolt up an you can just find a small straight peice of aluminum or steel drill holes in it bolt it to the front monting bracket that's on the caliper then to the front mounting bracket on the swingarm, but it does have a mounting bracket on it that bolts up to a 03 - up bearing carrier i also think it will bolt up to a banshee any year if i'm not mistaken
I could prob fab. a brakcet an mount it up to mine an that to make sure it's going to fit but it cost you more.