Painting frame



Would you class this as a big job? As you have to strip the whole blaster down... My blasters a 96.. I don't wana find any sheer'd bolts or anything like that.. But i wana get my frame blacked out.. What do you all think? Risk and get paint it? Or leave it? Thnx
sounds good, i would have it powder coated tho if you want your results to last. and it would be good to replace all of those sheered bolts
depends if your confident with taking every bolt off and being able to remember how to put it all back together after. If your not, then don't do it, but if you are go for it.
Its easy, theres not much on a blaster. If your going to go through with it, take pictures of how things looked before disassembly. Label some zip lock bags with what parts are in it with a sharpie.

IMO blacking out things is overrated. Just me though.

also Id go with the powder coat if you want it to last. can be expensive though $250 -$350 depending on the shop.

Also why wouldnt you want to find "sheared bolts" you want to find them and replace them as soon as possible.
thats what i was thinking, replace em soon or you will have problems in the long haul
I am doing my frame right now. I am glad I did too. I found 4 cracks. 2 in the frame and 2 on the fender mount brackets. BTW I use a paint remover called aircraft remover. Very nasty powerful stuff.
They probably have a bunch of environmentalist wackos would be my guess to answer your Q, .....2006blasterboy I do not know that for a fact just a hunch.
I had my frame painted an it actually lasted longer then my powerder coated a about to paint my frame to!!! soon! taking a blaster apart is easy i just throw all the bolts together because i know where all of them go because i have did it so many times but yes like 110 said lable some bags an keep the bolts in them.