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Jul 28, 2007
ElkCo, PA
I forgot to introduce my self... so yah

My name is Sean im from a small town..well..on a mountain outside of a small town...in PA

Music and quad riding..and my girlfriend = my life

i am a pyromaniac

i love archery

i race my Banshee, and ride my Blaster for fun, cuz...my banshee is made pretty much for drag...and doesn't handle in woods well...but it goes like a bat outta hell tho... so yah

i will have q's here and there, but i like to try to help others as well..so yah...

i say so yah... alot...so yah..

and i had an acc b4...i wasnt active more than once...and i forgot name and pass...so yah....

uhm...Boom...so yah here i am!
aluminum arrows are hollow on the inside...i filled it with gunpowder, to the top, put a flat tip on, and shot a cement block....not smart, but FUN!!!

and idk if i added or not...too lazy at the moment to look..but, i am a metal, and punk freak lol, so if i say anything really wierd, it is probably from a song...so disreguard anything i say that seems random compared to the rest of the posts...or if i all of a sudden go on about bashing skulls :) ok? lol