OCTANE VS. POWER in a stock motor



What is everyone's experience with higher octane race fuels in stock motors? Do you experience noticable power gains? What are the pros and cons in your eyes to using it? The more feedback, the better.
well if i run 110, in a stock engine it bogged in higher end, regular 87 or 89 ran fine
first off you should run at least 93 all the time since blasters are air cooled. also if you run c12 it is better b/c 2 strokes like leaded gas. i used 2 run c12 in my stock blaster for harescrables and it ran much better over long term. also race gas is more regulated and therefore more constant from batch to batch. im assuming you are mixing gas and you should be using a full synthetic mix oil @ like 40:1 with race gas you can go to 50:1 safely.
i dont understand, unless ur sitting still revving the hell outta your blaster it will not over heat but you are right its better for it to run 93, burns cleaner. but there is no prob running regular 87. and 32:1 is what i run and all of my buddies that race run. thats what the engine needs
quadboy22p-if you run leaded fuel you almost dont need oil because the lead is the lubricant for the bearings/rings. BEAUXJANGLE-the answer to your questions..1.yes I do have access to a dyno...however not an infloor roller type, the type you bolt the motor to. 2. say your motor is upto 9.5:1 compression ratio, 87 octane is fine any higher and you'll need to move up to 91-93 octane...like when you mill your blasters head .020 thus boosting your compression ratio to more like10.5or11:1. razrman-the reason your motor bogged on the top end with 110 octane is the simple fact you did not rejet to compensate. also you dont need to run 32:1 unless your oil says to, the reason for different mixing ratios is oil comes in several thicknesses therfore the thinner the oil is, the lower your ratio like 32:1 if your oil is as thick as molasses then the ratio will be more like 100:1.(simply put) I also was going to offer my services to anyone on this forum who has questions or needs a motor rebuilt if they dont have a reputible mechanic or just dont have the money to pay a shop the prices they charge. if you pay shipping and parts, I will do the work for a small fee depending on what you want done, however I cannot do rods I dont have axcess to the tools for that, boring is not a problem. Ive been building 2strokes since I was 12 and Im 30 now.
That's cool man, we (probably a lot of others) can use your services. To me, experience is key when it comes to small engine work. Fortunately, I know a guy nearby who is pretty darn good that I use for boring, port, and head work.

My own answer to the forum topic is: I have used 87 to 93 and currently settled on 93. I have not felt a noticeable change in power (by seat of the pants alone) however maybe dyno readings show otherwise. I use 93 in my quad, car and sometimes in my VStar 1100. It burns cleaner leaving less carbon deposits and a bit cooler as TJ mentioned. As fuel gets higher priced, the 10-20 cents difference per gallon is less significant to me. ($1 to $1.10 is a bigger jump than $2.80 to $2.90) My car is a Yota Matrix XRS with the 1.8L VVTL-i. It requests 93 specifically and is engineered for it as a "performance" model engine if you will. For those not aware, at 6,200 RPM, a bigger cam kicks in...kind of hard to explain, but the valves open more from 6,200 to 8,200 (redline)...and I'll be damned if YAMAHA is not CASTED RIGHT INTO THE HEAD! It's their valve system design (Variable Valve Timing and Lift intelligence)...probably derived from the 4 stroke outboards that YAMAHA started making after being forced to cut back 2 stroke production by the EPA.

Again, I easily get carried away about off topic matter, but I thought all of you would be proud to know that Toyota uses YAMAHA under the hood of the XRS models. I'll post some pics of the casting soon.

I'm anxious to hear others' experiences with using different octane fuels in any kind of engine setup.
Again, not Blaster related, but representing YAMAHA none the less.

The arrow just points to the side in which YAMAHA is casted into the head.

Yep, it's a Toyota
i am required to run vp 110 octane in my blaster premixing at 40;1, i have never had any problems with this fuel, no bogging, no sneakey sh*t. i used to run a little bit higher octane in my dirtbike when it had a pipe, i rode it with regular fuel, and it ran sh*tty as usual, then i added some higher octane and felt a little difference.
well im glad we have someone on here that knows what theyre talking about, thanks for answering my question, i thot that 32:1 was just the right amount of oil needed to run the engine correctly. but yea now if you can just explain to b14573r why he should use his clutch