Ok so now it just wont start. It dont even want to. I got premium gas today put it in and it wont work.
Ya'll don't just wiew it write something. I thinks its the gas I got the 93 octane fuel and I mixed it with a gallon of reg gas. I think I ruined it. (I don't know what to do with it now so I can just get some new unspoiled gasOoOoline)
does it have compression?(is it easyer than normal to push the kick starter down)
I have a new spaky but it is a b8es it works but it sparks slow. My dad got it-blame him. Alright so I just riuned my gas F***
It is a little bit easier to push down how do you get compessed?
You don't get it "re compessed" you get it rebuilt. Go get you a BR8ES.

Do a compression test on it.
I'm startin not to like this. sorry about that I didn't know what the compression stuff was. How much will rebuilding it be do rebuild the top and low end or what. Pricing?
No where does the reserve come from is it just pulling gas from lower in the tank? What size piston rings should I get
Are you sure that it is getting gas at all? If your not sure pull the fuel line off the carb and turn the fuel to on and turn it to reserve and make sure that you have fuel flowing out of the line. Make sure to catch the fuel in a gas can or something. Let me know what happens with that.