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Oct 29, 2007
This will take more time than I have now, but in a nutshell. I have been buying a sh*tpile of parts. I had just enough to throw a Blaster together. It's all stock except for a B1 and the jet. The jet is the supplied #310. I finally got it to run fair to mid land. The gas is a little ify. amsoil at around 40-50 to 1. With a little throttle tickle she runs pretty good through the whole band. That B1 has wicked balls off the line. The top end lacks a tad. She won't idle to save my life. I have the air screw at about 1 turn out. A 1/4 more out and there is no top end at all. A 1/4 in and she runs for sh*t all the way through and bogs out. I have the throttle set screw all the way out and is VERY sensitive, but, makes tweaking easier for now, no lag. I worked on the knob on the top of the carb and it has a spot that is no run and then a 1/64" clockwise she runs at about 2500 rpm's, no inbetween. The parts are all from diff. bikes, I have no idea when or where. It's very rideable, just no idle. She kicks and runs on one kick.

I'm waiting on another lower from TJ to build a good engine, but, this should give me temp. service.

BTW, I am 200# and the bottom end of third will pull the front wheels up, as far as I want. I thought maybe lean. Hell it's giving just tad of white smoke. I thought due to the last blown engine having a sh*tload of oil in the pipe might be it. But the pipe and head are touchable within about 10 minutes

The reeds do the sqeaky cycle and sound fine. Compression is fine. Spark is fine.

TORS maybe?

I dunno and only played with it for a few hours.

It's only a mock up until it dies, I did squat for this blown core other than the piston I had. It has an egged cyl., not real bad, the new rings should handle mild use for awhile. New piston and rings were bought for the super dead motor. I have another lower enroute from TJ that will be my good engine, but this one should at least idle and run.

Any thoughts?

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Yea my thoughts, too

I know the tors is attached, at least mostly. I just threw parts on. it's mixed from here and there. Just never had one I can't get to idle. they always idle, it's the running that's tough soemtimes.
Anyway, more later.

dont bother screwing with the carb, it will not solve anything, just put it back where it runs good and adjust the adjuster on the thumb throttle housing, not the litle screw, the cable adjuster, screw with that and then you will get it right. thats what i done and i have no probs yet

Yea I want to remove the tors. The thumb throttle is ALL and I mean to the last thread that will hold her. It's like the cable stretched or something. I dunno.

It's all coming apart now anyway. Give the boy his first ride today when I get home and then we strip it down, clean like crazy and paint her up and reassemble. Then drive it 'till she grenades or the wheels fall off.