no back brakes



I tried adjusting out in on the back brakes and still nothing caliper seized? any ideas?
ok so its a mechanick break, just dismentel evrithing and clean it real good with wd-40 and re assemble it!! thats should do the trick!!

I'll ditto on that and follow up with make sure all parts are clean and not wicked worn. It is just a remote clamp. You can make her work with little efort.

took it apart all looked clean just some grease in there but still no brake? should it be preloaded?? there were some washers a spring? no brakes!
i think the pads are just really worn down !!!New ones are 78.00 holy crap!!!
Try ebay I would not pay 70 bucks for rear pads for your setup. I would find or fab a whole hydro system for that price.

Is the foot pedal bent, is the cable adjusted to the max? I looked at mine and you should be able to squish it down to metal on metal. So if you still got pad, they ain't dead.

ya man ebay is the way to go i just ordered some pads all around for only 60 bucks and that is shipped to canada.
yep i tried adjusting all the way no bent parts just really worn.