New to ATV's looking to buy a Blaster..a few ?'s



Hi All..I am looking to buy a blaster for this upcoming winter..Just something to toy around on..I have owned sevral dritbikes in the past..Im mainly a car guy..but Ive always wanted an ATV mainly to ride around when it snows..

My main questions is how much should i be paying?? It seems I can get a decent late 90's Blaster for 1000-1200 bucks..Id like to spend around 800-1000. Do you guys think thats reasonable?? I see some for sale for 600-800 with minor running issues..Seems like dirty carbs for the most part which isnt a big deal..Im just curious what kinda price range i should be paying for say a 96-01 blaster..


You shouldnt be paying much, depending on the condition and what it has for extras i would say somewhere from 600-1000$. I only paid 800$ or mine and its a 2003. It was completely stock but was in very good condition, very well maintained and freshly rebuilt.
mines a 96 and had a fresh rebuild paid 900. came with a couple add ons. just shop around. The more that are for sale in a area the cheaper they will be.
Welcome to the forum and hope we can help you with any question you might have. I am glad to hear you have decided on getting a Blaster. It's without a doubt one of the best quads ever produced.

And to answer your question, like previously posted just shop around a little and you should have no problem finding one depending on year/condition anywheres from $400-1000 for the year your looking at.
Thank you all. I am very excited to get a blaster in the near future..I am shoping around untill I find one I like..there was one for sale for 600 in my area..and I called to set something up so i could go see it..and ofcourse some guy is supposingly picking it up 2nite..What a bummer..

So i dont know much about all the different types of quads since its been a while..but what makes the Blaster so good? alot of friends tell me its to slow..I personally dont mind, If i wanted speed Id get a Banshee..But I still think the Blaster will suit my needs..I am just looking for something to toy around on, nothing to big..hence why I want the Blaster..But Id like to here why all of you guys like your Blasters so much? Also what is the max that a blaster can be bored out to?? As most of the ones I see are already bored..seemds like .40 over is most common..It also looks very easy to do a head job on one of these..
Personally i don't think they are the best but they are good quad for the price. They probably have the worst suspension ive ever seen on a sport quad and their brakes (1988-2002) are not the best. Blasters do about 55mph stock. So from what you said it should work fine for the riding your going to do. I like 2 strokes and i like how easily you can modify a blaster and they are very easy to through around in the trails and pits because of their light weight
but like i said, their not the best. As for bore sizes, i think .80 over is the most you can do without major jug modifications.
Sweet deal..I am going to check one out Saturday..The seller said he would hold off buyers for the time being..So if he sticks to his word Saturday Ill be bringing home a 97 needs a carb cleaning for it to run properly though..But I dont think thats really a big deal..
welcome!!!!!!!!!!! some easy mods are a pipe,reeds,filter and then it will really open up!
some reasons why we like the blastys are becuz they are cheap, have some power, they are quick for a 200cc bike, old two stroke power!!, younger brother of a banshee, easy to mod so the total = one hell of a bike

when i bought my blaster i thought i wouldn't have it long until i get a bigger quad but i grew so addicted to my blaster that when my dad wanted to sell it i fought until he let me keep it,i started adding mods piece by piece, don't let the other riders get you down about the size crap, i have proven many people wrong when they thought that there 400-450 cc quad would smoke me but they end up gettign smoked

i hope you get a blaster! they are truly great quads!
Hell yeah! I am stoked..Blasters look like they are a Blast!!..I have a question for Master Blaster and Dirtyblaster...From the pictures in you profiles ..your rear wheels look like the tires are smaller that the OEM blaster tires..they look like the wheel set up on the quads you see that are raced..My question is are those stock wheels with upgraded tires?? if so why kind of tires? or is a wheel\tire upgrade..and if so can you provide me with a link? that would be something Id be intrestd in upgrading...Thanks

my rear rims are itp,and the rear tires are kenda klaw mxrs my front rim and tires are stock the best place to get rims and tires is if you decide to get a combo of rims and tires they will mach up the sizes and tires for you.
Deff don't let people get you down on the speed or size. My blaster ripped i was taking 450's on the MX track an Z400's on the 1/8th mile drag they are really fun. Like mentioned they are small quick, can be made fast. I gave 1200 for my 01 blaster it was fully stock. If you get a blaster the first thing you need to do is remove the sh*tty oil injection an run premix, that's a must unless you wanna rebuild your topend sooner then needed.
I was told to ditch the oil injection and run a mix..How easy is it to remove the oil injection? I have no clue what it consist of?? As for now I hope this guy holds the 97 for me this Saturday...Im so f*ckin stoked!!
By the way..How can I verify that the blaster im planning to buy is a 1997 ?
I also found out the blaster im getting is bored 60 over It has low hours on the new bore..but i am asuming its a 260cc? i am not sure of this..I know going 80 over on the bore is the max and gettng the jug modded is needed to do so...I was wondering how much i can source a used head\cylinder with a mild\stock bore if i ever had to rebuild this one..
the 1st quad i was looking to get fell though, But i found this friday and picked it up today ( Saturday ). Its 97 with a .20 bore wesico pistion..needs rear brakes and front wheel bearings..