Need some opinions on bumpers....



Has anyone ever seen a blaster with the jaws bumper on it? Or even know where some pics are on the internet of one. You guys think its to gay? Kinda wanna see what it looks like on a blaster before i buy one. What are your guys opinions on the best bumper?
I like the V ones too, they just fit with the Blaster, you could go to and check theirs out, if you're looking for something really cool and different. actually, go either way. haha
i prefer the iron cross and the v screen bumpers

i think the jaws bumpers are weird looking and weak
Nice!! Thanks fellas. I like how blast freak has the screen painted. Ill prob just go with my original plan and get the V screen and just Line-X the whole thing. Just wanted to see what the thoughts were on mr. jaws. Till next time...