Mount your own tires?


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Apr 4, 2007
Anyone done this?? My tires should be here tomorrow and im thinking about mounting them myself. How hard is it to do?
Depending on the tire I would consider taking it to a tractor repair place and pay them a few bucks to do it. You risk damaging them doing it yourself.
Im puttin on the Kenda Klaw MX 18/10.5/8 The tires that are on it now i already broke the beads so they should come off easy. Im hoping with some soapy water and a couple screw drivers i could get them on easy.
ive done it, take the tires off the ebad, yes this works, put the tire under a truck, not the rim, the tire and break it off the bead, it will take afew tries, once its off ull have to push youre new one on then get a rope and tire iorn and wrap the rope around the tire and put the tireiorn through and turn to contract the tire then put air in it and it should pop on the bead
just bring it to a tire place, youll save time and youll reduce the risk of messing up your tire, i spent 40 bucks for all my tires to be mounted and i got new valve stems too
i have always mounted my own four wheeler tires with a couple massive screw drivers and muscle..the tires coming off dont end up looking pretty, but i never mess up the bead putting on the new ones...i recently put on a set of duro slick tires, and my kenda klaw mxr 18" tires...its really not that hard, and i wasnt going to pay the dealer the 70 bucks they wanted..they are out of their mind..I just actually bought myself new reeds for less than that, because mine are fallin apart...but, its up to you, if you are afraid you will mess up the tire, it could be worth it for ya.
i just got new tires it cost ten bucks to put them on took the tire home and only 4 nuts to slap it back on
Breaking the bead can be a biotch. I use a tire machine......

But when your in doubt, whip out the saw zaw and wire cutters.

Mounting isnt to hard. I use wd 40 around the bead to help it slip a little easier. Make sure the inside of the rim is clean and smooth. Lots of psi (with valve core removed) helps.
i switched good tires on stock rims onto alum... whoa I'v done many car tires by hand but i must say i think the lil blaster tires are quite harder, none the less I bust tires all day so i showed them buggers..... although I may have showed the beed a bit to much still got the job done,,
O, and my opinion unless you got yur balls screwwed on tight, just take it in.. also like aorund here a general tire shop wont do it, their clamps will not clamp on that small of rims,,, and if they did it would not be pretty on aluminum..
when i bought my ITP holeshots, i bought them premounted on ITP rims. most places around here wanted $25 per tire to mount, and the cost difference between a wheel/tire set and just tires was like $40 per tire. for thr $15 per tire, i'd rather get new rims and have a spare set of rims ICSH
I tried removing tires this weekend, valve core out, front tire with gash in sidewall, me and another guy standing on sidewall, bead won't budge!! Cut the tire all teh way to the bead, yanking on it with a pair of pliers, no luck. Should maybe try running the tire over.....

Those crappy stock tires are stiffer than they look!! I might as well just pay the money to have someone mount the mud lites rather than have to F with them for hours on end! I'll see tonight, good idea with running them over.
I just spent about 3.5hrs removing both rear stock tires and installing Kenda Klaws. Ended up using a steak knife and a dremel to remove the old ones and used 3 screwdrivers to install the new ones.

Right now, one has the bead *almost* set and the other one doesnt have any air in it. Im exhausted. I figure I'll spend another 30 minutes finishing it up tomorrow.