milling stock much?



like the title says: how much should i have milled off to boost performance? i want to stay safe and run normal 93 octine. i'm going to have the cylinder ported while i'm at it. thanks.....
Just tell them you want to keep it on 93 pump gas they'll know how much to mill it.

What kind of porting are you gettin?
.020 if you have advanced timming. .025 if you dont. It also depends on your elevation and compression levels right now. But those numbers will give you a good idea.
i'm bringing it to a local shop to have ported. i just want it cleaned up. i dont want to lose the good idle and relilability. they have a flow bench and have done porting for me before on my mxz 800. as the head goes, i'm basically at sea level. i dont know about the timing. i just bought it from a kid who blew it up. i havnt gotton my repair manual yet either. hopfully it will arrive today.
your timing is more than likely stock for that matter, i personally ahve never had a head milled, but my uncle did the one on his RM250 and he took off like 10thousandths of an inch and he had to run aviation fuel, or race fuel, iu would imagine going somewhere like 5-6thousandths would put you with a minor increase in power and keep you on pump gas