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Sep 13, 2021
hey so i bought a mikuni tm 34mm flat slide a while ago i put it on my blaster and experimented and i cant get rid of mid range bog it runs fine on low then when you give it more gas it bogs down and then starts to pick up again when it reaches the power band it rips like crazy but the mid range bog just kills the fun im running 35pilot and 320main/ if you keep it to low on the rpm it does not want to pick back up in the gear your in you need to either clutch it and rev till it screams and let go or you need to go down about 2 gears for it to pick up. im running airsal 200 plus 4 degree timing and a graydon proline pipe so the carb should not be to big i heard people using the 34mm on a fmf and a stock cylinder any imput?