carb advice

  1. Local_retard

    Had some questions about carburetors and recommendations

    Hi everyone I just picked up a 2000 Yamaha blaster and figured this would be the right place to ask for questions and advice , but the current carb on it is junk and needs replacing I've had my eye on a nibbi pwk28 and was wondering if anyone has had experience with them on blasters , was also...
  2. D

    engine won't take any adjustment

    so I bought an 02 blaster last summer. the tors took a crap which made the quad start up but wouldn't stay idling so in the mean time I by passed it and then it fixed its idling problem. after that the top end went and I bought one online and installed it. this past winter I put in a motion pro...
  3. N

    Jet needle washers

    Iam going to sound like a noob here but according to a diagram i saw in my clymers service manual my 89 blaster has something called jet needle washers which I have never seen till I owned this blaster. Is it supposed to have one or two and does one go on top and one under the e clip? Also it's...
  4. T


    Hey guys its my first post here, but i have a 2001 yamaha blaster which i picked up and the only issue it had was that it wouldent idle. The bike also came with a gold series fmf pipe and powercore 2 silencer. It is fitted with 230 main jet and 35 pilot. since i got it home i removed the tors...
  5. Hunter cruise

    starts but weak spark

    Ok so i finished rebuilding my blaster after destroying the top end( new top end is ported and polished with a shaved head) I also replaced all the seals while i had it apart. but my problem is i put the motor in and it started up 2nd kick however it doesn't idle and bogs down and smokes and has...
  6. B

    mikuni tm 34mm flat slide

    hey so i bought a mikuni tm 34mm flat slide a while ago i put it on my blaster and experimented and i cant get rid of mid range bog it runs fine on low then when you give it more gas it bogs down and then starts to pick up again when it reaches the power band it rips like crazy but the mid range...
  7. Nathan420

    Having a bogging problem. PLZ HELP!!

    So my Yamaha blaster starts and rides fine but when I try to hit a burm it starts to bog out then starts to accelerate again when I come out of it. Same for if I’m trying to do a donut. I have no bogging problem going straight, only bogs is under pressure
  8. L

    Idles only on choke and try’s to runaway when reving, it has ran-away once.

    So I’m tying to fix a blaster that has been sitting for 3 years. All I have done was regular maintenance and replaced the reed valves. When I try to start it it is not getting enough fuel I think. Because I have to use starter fluid to get it going when it’s cold. For it to idle I have to have...
  9. A

    Fitting new mikuni TMx 38mm carb

    Hi I have a 2001 blaster I’m sure it has a standard bore & internals as I haven’t done a rebuild or inspection yet myself ‍♂️ I run on pre mix 125ml to every 5litres of pump fuel It’s got a fmf fatty & powercore silencer with Vforce 4 reeds also a k&n air filter & upgraded coil... I’m sure the...