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  1. B

    mikuni tm 34mm flat slide

    hey so i bought a mikuni tm 34mm flat slide a while ago i put it on my blaster and experimented and i cant get rid of mid range bog it runs fine on low then when you give it more gas it bogs down and then starts to pick up again when it reaches the power band it rips like crazy but the mid range...
  2. Dang

    Help please

    So i have a 2003 blaster, and decided to rebuild it, because i cracked the crank case. so we split the case, resealed it, then i got a new ported cylinder, new piston, new reeds, new carb, new head, and new spark plugs and it won’t start on its own. it will only start if you put gas directly...
  3. BobdylAN123

    Backfire bad

    Im dylan bought a 91 blaster 5 months ago ran fine stator went out replaced it the coil, spark plug wire, flywheel key, cleaned carb, new plug.. After i replaced the key it backfired bad. Got it worked out i thought got it running good went to hits some trail stopped to take a break bam started...
  4. B

    Squeaky and a total dog too start HELP!!!

    Just had my boys 200’s head skimmed new piston etc, but trying to start it is hell on Earth, that’s if it starts.. but on some kicks it’s squeaking... any tips on the squeak or the absolute fight to start her