Light weight flywheel??



What are the advantages of a lightweight flywheel? quicker revs\acceleration?? and do any companys sell LW FW's?? or would I ave to have a stock one shaved down.. and will 03-06 flywheels fit on the 88-02 blasters..Im pretty sure the motors are all the same..

you answered most of your own ?'s.

quicker reves. also = a quicker drop in revs when you let off the throttle. got to have a smooth thumb or wrist (depending on your trottle style)

need to shave the stock flywheel. no one Ive heard of has an aftermarket.

all flywheels should fit.
Ive seen after market ones. But their expensive as hell, it would be cheaper to have it shaved. Its worth the money if your into it, but i would get an exhaust system first, if you don't already have one.
I wonder if this mod is worth doing..

Well, there is alot of debate about it. let me repeat ALOT of debate.

my suggestion, read up abbout it on other forums and maybe race motor builders web sites. Just do some research and make an educated decision.

Im going to have my flywheel lightend, if thats worth anything too ya.
I dont think its worth it for me..However I just installed boyesen power reeds..and id like to put on a full LRD\Toomy exhuast system in the next few weeks..Since my swing arm is apart I have not rode the blaster wit the reeds yet so Im looking foward to that..
Not yet..Im going to mess with the tie rod before I start buying parts..I have inspected it pretty well..and just cant figure it out..same goes for a few of my friends who are quad owners too..