K&N Air Filter?


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Apr 1, 2007
Who has a K&N Air Filter for their Blaster?
I've been thinking about getting one for my `99.

How does it work for you, or your friends, any power difference?
Anyone know the part number?
forget uni get a K&N, they work very good and they last for life! The only bad thing is they are kinda expensive, if you don't have money for a K&N make a custom airbox by cutting some of the airbox and putting the uni straight on, rivit some canvas over the top of the old airbox. i don't remmeber all of it i only did it once for a friend. but i say go with K&N it has been working really great for my blaster.
I also have a K&N and they are a little expensive but it is deffintly a good buy
I'm not dissing K&N in any way, I have one in my car (which i trust as my car is worth much more than my quads)

K&N and Uni's each have there own place in the offroad world.

K&N is more suited for drags, dunes, desert, etc. Its definitely a more free flowing filter, which is both good and bad.

The Uni is more suited for crappier conditions; mud, water, fine dust, etc. it doesn't flow as well, but due to the foam and oil, it definitely traps more stuff.

For my money, its Uni (or any foam filter of your choice). Washing it in the sink, and watching all the dirt and crap come out make me rest alot easier. every time you clean/oil it, its like putting on a brand new filter. Can't say that for K&N.

just my .02
Yeah since i got my K&N filter i've wondered how i rode my blaster before. Its worth the money because you never, ever have to replace it. Also when you get it or even before you get it remove your airbox lid. It actually makes a noticeable difference for just taking out four screws. I've rode my quad hard for 4 years since getting it i've never had a problem with water getting in or dirt and thats even with my lid off. The only time i've had water go threw it was when I sunk my quad in a lake.
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I hate hate hate hate hate foam filters. I don't know why anybody puts up with the damn things. The cleaner and oil is expensive (costs like 8 damn bucks for enough oil and cleaner to recharge the filter once). They're a mess to clean because that oil sticks to everything and doesn't come off, and you have to massage the oil in. Then you don't really know for sure if you have it throughly oiled or not, because you're putting clear or lightly colored oil onto a dark colored sponge that just keeps soaking the crap up to the point that there's so much oil in it that it runs rich for a week. I dread cleaning the things so much that I find myself neglecting it and riding with a dirty one.

I run k&n filters on all my stuff. You just spray on the cleaner, hose it off, let it dry (dries in like 5 minutes unlike foam filters), then spray the colored oil onto the white filter until you don't see any white. One of those $10 recharge kits will last the average person years.
pod filters are better for that reason....not quite as nasty but still need cleaned....K&N...is by far better then any other filter...and rejetting is the key to making it run right with the filter
ok, i don't run k&n anymore they let too much dust in my friend blew his motor because of that, when we pulled the filter off and the carb it was full of sh*t. he maintained the filter correctly and even had a precharger screen. i will never run k&n i will stick with a foam filter as long as i ride
i agree with dirtyblaster, the k and n filters let in a lot of dirt but would def. be better for riding in dunes and drag where theres less of a chance of getting gunk into your filter, ill stick with my uni filter it works great
i just put my uni in gas then squeeze it out a couple times and let it dry. k&n is just to damn expensive i can get a few extra uni clamp ons for one k&n.i mean why spend the extra $ when they all do the same thing