IT RUNS!!!!! no but this time.

Yea I rode the hell out it... now it only runs in only really responds in high RPM's. And I need to know how to screw with the idle and turn it up so it idles higher PICS please. If I dont hold the throttle it just stalls out Immediatly. I dont have to hold it down much.
My tors wires are off like got ripped off from the tors
What switch?

Alright so I was messin with that idle. It helped a bit. But now it also won't run again. I know it's almost against ya'lls morals and ethics but...I'm going to take my Blaster into Yamaha. I'm just a 16 year old trying to find his calling and this sh*t is confusing me haha. I love quads and hopefully will be racing soon but I need another motor that I can take apart and build. I'm just takin him in.