IT RUNS!!!! but...



Just what it says. I need to know how to adjust the throttle and make it tighter cus there's slack, and i need to know how to adjust the idle. If ya'll know let me know please. Thank you everyone for helping. I'll still be on but now I can finish it up...all I need to do is get money haha
To tighten the throttle cable I believe theres a screw that sticks out on the thumb throttle assembly up near the throttle cable. You'll have to mess around and further investigate as I dont I my blaster in front of me to give a more accurate description

As to make it idle faster or slower there is a giant Screw on the backside of the assembly above the carb. And with a simple twist of it while its running you'll hear your motor reving up or down and adjust accordingly
Especialy Thank You to 01blaster_Freak

No problem man here to help anyone an everyone. As far as tightening the slack yes there is a screw up on the throttle losen the nut an turn the screw like your going to take it out which is losening it once you get your throttle cable tight then it's good you can also use that to set your idle, once you get the cable tight you can unscrew it out a lil more slowly an it will idle the bike up. I had to do that on mine cuz the crappy screw on the top of the TORS didn't work.
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reserve dude he means where you turn the petcock pointed up so it is on the reserve part of the tank