is this true?


Mar 26, 2007
totally bullsh1t or true???? dyno test between ready filter and twin air.

tell me what you think
ahh no know what, i'm gonna get one and see how the power goes between uni and a readyfilter, i just gotta see if my friend is ever home so i can use his dyno
my friend has washed his readyfilter like 10 times, it still is in perfect condition he adds more oil almost after each two or 3 times he washes them.
and have u seen the price????? they are cheap!
ohh also after he rode threw very fine dust he did not find ANY dust in the airbox.

i'm thinking if i like the ready filter better than my uni i might switch
thatis simpley amazing he got that much life out of his ready filter, and i mean that, one of my friends owns his own shop in my town, he used the ready filters and he got 2 washes per filter then they just kinda crapped out on round 3